Take a look at what some of our patients have to say about Dr. Richard A. Luck and Millennium Ophthalmology!

“It was a visit for my 3 year old son. Very attentive and personal, clean office . Doctor listened to us very carefully, was very attentive to my son, even though kid couldn’t do everything that doc asked right away. We’ll go there again if we need to.” – Alexander I.

“Very professional and I felt that I got an excellent exam. There was a concern that I had with one of my eyes and he explained what it was and how I could care for it. Unfortunately, due to the insurance plan that I have, he could not write up my eyeglass prescription. His office does not have an optical store so that glasses need to be made elsewhere. Office staff is very nice and the office is modern and clean. Will go back again next year for my follow up exam.” – Vivian V.

“Great doctor, both him and his associate were courteous and polite, they explained exactly what was wrong without talking down to me, and answered all my questions without any problems.” – Yehuda P.

“I am not a person who takes to doctors at all! In fact the longer I avoid them, the better…. Dr. Luck and his staff were excellent. He was patient, professional, organized and well mannered! His office was easy to find, clean and modern. I was treated with respect and all my concerns were carefully addressed! Definitely the doctor and facility to trust the care of something as precious as your eyes!” – Kaysi H.

“Professional, well-run and well-appointed office; the office has a calm, welcoming feeling, and, in the waiting room, Dr. Luck provides complimentary wifi access, the daily newspaper (NY Times), filtered water and cookies, these thoughtful items make it possible to use the waiting time productively and comfortably. Dr. Luck himself is gentle and attentive, with a good bedside manner.

He identified my eye problem quickly and definitively; he explained the problem and the solution, formulated a treatment plan quickly and confidently, performed the necessary procedures, prescribed the appropriate medications and scheduled a quick follow-up. He even provided a sample of one of the medications, so I could start on it right immediately.

At the follow-up, he explained that my eye was healing well, again explained the situation, prescribed the additional necessary medications and scheduled another follow-up.

At both sessions, he was patient, and answered all my questions. Perhaps most importantly, dealing with a medical problem that was very unsettling, he provided a sense of calm and reassurance that he would be able to resolve the problem. Also, everyone on his staff was very professional and very nice.” – Verified Patient.