How Can An Ophthalmologist Help You?eae73fb5-8230-4569-870e-1645a01998d6zoom

The difference between an ophthalmologist and any other type of eye care physician is simple, yet it makes a big difference in what kind of eye care you receive. An Ophthalmologist specializes in treatments of the eye, particularly in the field of surgery.

Whereas other eye care physicians can only diagnose and prescribe medicine for your eyes, an ophthalmologist is trained to perform medical procedures to treat your eyes so that your eye condition does not return.

Our Practice At Millennium Ophthalmology

Dr. Richard A. Luck is a fully certified, award-winning ophthalmologist that specializes in general ophthalmology with a concentration in the evaluations and treatments of glaucoma and cataracts. In addition to corrective surgery, Dr. Luck can also prescribe glasses if necessary.

Some Of The Procedures We Can Perform:

  • Cataract Removal Surgery
  • Flashes and Floaters
  • Diabetes Eye Care
  • Glaucoma Treatment And Surgery
  • General Ophthalmology